Do Go On Live Video Podcast


After a second sold out tour of the UK and Ireland, the Do Go On podcast were due to return for their fourth Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Covid-19 put a stop to that, so instead, they are doing their first live streaming online shows!

Each week for the last four years, Dave Warneke, Matt Stewart and Jess Perkins have researched a topic suggested by a listener and reported back to the class.

They've performed all over Australia, the UK, Ireland and even Thailand... 

Previous topics Do Go On has covered include Lego, Dolly Parton, Chernobyl, Jack The Ripper, The Unabomber and The History of the Penis.

Show times:  Sat July 18th 12:00pm AEST

                  Sat July 25th 12:00pm AEST

                  Sat August 1st 12:00pm AEST

                  Sat August 8th 12:00pm AEST